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 Border-Lock® Mouldable, Disposable, Semi-Custom Impression Trays

The first semi-custom disposable tray program designed as the new alternative to RIM-LOCK trays. The complete system contains 10 upper and 8 lower trays each uniquely designed in arch size and form. A precise sizing method identifies the appropriate tray to create a custom fit not found in any other disposable product. High quality design and material increases rigidity to a level which rivals that of metal trays.

It is the first semi-custom disposable impression tray for the achievement of precision impressions using the monophase or sandwich impression technique. It offers the dentist an alternative for the metal Rim-Lock tray.

Ease of use:

  • no longer necessary to clean the tray

  • no longer necessary to remove adhesive

  • the loss of expensive metal trays is no longer an issue

  • clear range of trays in the surgery

In terms of impression result:

  • optimal dynamic pressure due to semi-custom shape

  • a post dam is unnecessary

  • an immediate final impression in most situations

  • 40% savings on impression material

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