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Lift Your Loupe and Look - Featuring Roger Price

August 23, 2019

kingsville, ontario, canada

This course is designed to show dentists and hygienists what to look for outside of their dental training. By knowing the signs dysfunction that either lead to, or complicate existing conditions, much can be done to address the source, in addition to treating the symptoms.

The theme is “Looking after the Person Attached to the Teeth” rather than just the teeth attached to the person, and I have created a way to provide Physiological Imaging to complement the Digital Imaging that all dentists use. The combination of both gives a much fuller picture of the problems and allows for a better and more stable outcome.

Early Airway and Facial Orthopedics and Pre-Aligners: Strategies and Approaches - Featuring Dr. Duane Grummons

October 4-5, 2019

toronto, ontario, canada

EARLIER Treatment -Airway and Facial Resolutions and 100 Pathways to Practice Success
This lecture focuses on the importance of dentofacial orthopedics during early childhood well before permanent teeth have erupted. This session examines treatments that help correct/manage breathing and sleep disorders, mouthbreathing, habitual snoring, teeth grinding and other related conditions. The significant improvement in the child’s facial appearance will also improve the smile and self-confidence, which are so important during the developmental years. Secondary treatment needs are then moderated, and superior outcomes are achieved with patient benefits for a lifetime.

september 13-14
november 22-23

kingsville, ontario, canada

Featuring June Williamson Steed, RDH, BSc. who has been instrumental in developing and teaching programs in the areas of orthodontics, orthopedics, myofunctional influences on craniofacial development, TMD, craniofacial pain, breathing and sleep to professionals across the globe. To compliment her 25 years of experience as an educator, clinician and consultant, June has had extensive training and continued education in these areas and is known as a leader in the prevention of disease through education and an advocate of a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare.

september 20-21, 2019

halifax, nova scotia, canada

Myofunctional orthodontics is quickly becoming much more prevalent as we recognize the link between nasal breathing and correct tongue position to improve growth, facial development and overall better health. More children are presenting with malocclusion and sleep disordered breathing than ever before.

Dentists have been trained to diagnose crooked teeth and imbalance of the jaws. We now understand that Sleep Breathing Disorders and TMJ dysfunction are associated with the same poor cranial growth patterns that result in crooked teeth.

Before you can treat these conditions, you must be able to identify the problem. Evaluation is the starting point in the journey to mastering myofunctional orthodontic treatment.

Advanced Myofunctional Orthodontics - Featuring Dr. John Flutter

October 18-19, 2019

toronto, ontario, canada

At this course, attendees will learn how myofunctional appliances can be used to treat soft tissue dysfunction, as well as receive advice regarding how myofunctional orthodontics can offer their practice a profitable alternative to traditional orthodontic techniques. 

Attendees will also be presented with information regarding a wide range of Myobrace appliances as well as receive information about profitably managing a clinic solely devoted to myofunctional orthodontic treatment. MRC’s expert presenters offer doctors and their staff a practical and modern approach to diagnosing of poor myofunctional habits and treating the underlying causes of malocclusion. These courses also include case studies, task delegation and workshops explaining and demonstrating various MRC systems and appliances.