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Play Nice in the Dental Team Sandbox

Play Nice in the Dental Team Sandbox


How would it change your current workplace culture if all relations were productive, peaceful and profitable? Our leading system focuses on fundamental elements to lead ourselves first so that others are inspired to follow. Improve performance, engage employees and keep the whole team motivated, productive and on track.

Building Productive, Peaceful and Profitable Practice

Team players are hired for the technical skills, but sometimes stuck in their ability to get along with people. In this seminar, participants learn ho w to create a “PLAY NICE” culture for your practice sandbox, even when the playing field gets tough.

Program Synopsis

Team conflict costs everyone. Billions of dollars are spent on conflict, staff turnover, sick time, stress leave and other preventable challenges. Great team work is “everyone’s responsibility” and increased pro fits can be used for better things.

Recognizing what people value most helps build a solid foundation for strong interpersonal relationships, which creates positive practice culture.

Day 1 – Leading Ourselves (Introduction)

• Our attitude What we want

• Effectiveness beyond time

• Importance of listening

• Understanding people and their personality styles

• The power of praise, recognition and acknowledgement

• Posture and personal presence

Day 2 – Leading Others (Intermediate)

• Integrity and authenticity

• Building relationship trust

• Relationship currencies with long lasting impact

• Positive interpersonal communication

• Improving collaboration

• Dealing with difficult behaviour

• Difficult conversations

• Resolving conflict with T.L.C.

• Giving and receiving effective feedback

Relationships are key to success in any practice. Recognizing what people value most helps build a foundation for strong interpersonal relationships, creating w in/w in opportunities for your entire team and patients.

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Trainer and International Speaker: Penny Tremblay

Founder of The Tremblay Leadership Center and the PLAY NICE in the Sandbox system and programs, Penny has been infusing relationship strategies training and keynotes into organizations internationally for 20 years. Her programs have given thousands of adults the skills and confidence to climb the ladder of success. Harvard University’s Advanced Mediation certificate and years of conflict resolution facilitation in workplaces are the foundation of Penny’s stories, experiences and guidance; which help people build a productive, peaceful and profitable mindset for long lasting positive change.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations received 30 days prior to the course will be refunded.
Cancellations received after that will be subject to a 10% administration fee. Cancellations received 7 days prior to course will not be refunded.