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Roger Price


 Lift Your Loupe and Look - Featuring Robert Price

This course is designed to show dentists and hygienists what to look for outside of their dental training.

By knowing the signs dysfunction that either lead to, or complicate existing conditions, much can be done to address the source, in addition to treating the symptoms.

The theme is “Looking after the Person Attached to the Teeth” rather than just the teeth attached to the person, and I have created a way to provide Physiological Imaging to complement the Digital Imaging that all dentists use. The combination of both gives a much fuller picture of the problems and allows for a better and more stable outcome.

The take away message at the end is simple:

  • It has taken you much time, effort, energy and study to become proficient in your chosen profession.

  • Would you seriously expect to become proficient in dentistry or hygiene after a 4 day 28 hour weekend?

  • Information should not be regarded as knowledge - it takes time and practice to understand a new modality.

  • Do not be conned into believing that you can learn a new discipline in a four day 'Weekend Warrior’ program.

  • No matter what you’re told it takes far more than that before you become skilled.

  • You will have to undertake additional courses to improve your knowledge and skills.

  • Make sure they are offered by an Institution that is qualified to teach, and is in the position to provide valid Academic Certification.

  • Anyone can issue a Certificate, Diploma, Membership or Fellowship - it doesn’t mean that it carries any weight.

  • Anyone can claim to be a ‘World Expert’ or a teacher or trainer. The fact is that many people who ’train’ have zero or limited qualifications in that field.

  • Skillful marketing and broad claims do not mean that what is offered is solid.

  • If it sounds too good to be true - it probably is.

August 23, 2019

Kingsville, ONtario, Canada

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Respiratory Physiologist
Integrative Health Educator
Director of Professional Services - Graduate School for Behavioral Health Sciences

Roger Price first qualified as a pharmacist in the early 1960s and has spent the past 5 decades studying, training, qualifying and gaining experience in a wide variety of areas of health. It is this background that has him regarded as a world renowned Integrative Health Educator – one with a deep understanding and knowledge of the following topics:

• Asthma management – drug-free
• Behavioral Modification
• Breathing retraining
• Capnometry
• Clinical Nutrition

• Pharmacology
• Physiology
• Posture balancing
• Sleep Disorders
• TMJ treatment


• Craniofacial Pain
• Craniosacral Therapy
• Dentistry
• Forensic Toxicology
• Integrative Medicine

• Manual Body Therapy
• Myofunctional Therapy
• Neuro-emotional techniques
• Orthodontics
• Pathology

With this wealth of knowledge and experience he has created a series of programs which are designed to address causes – rather than the symptoms – and this has met with a measure of resistance in some areas of traditional medicine, dentistry and orthodontics – which simply do not want to be challenged.