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Advanced Myofunctional Orthodontics

Featuring: Dr. John Flutter, BDs

Myofunctional orthodontics is quickly becoming much more prevalent as we recognize the link between nasal breathing and correct tongue position to improve growth, facial development and overall better health. More children are presenting with malocclusion and sleep disordered breathing than ever before. Dentists have been trained to diagnose crooked teeth and imbalance of the jaws.

We now understand that Sleep Breathing Disorders and TMJ dysfunction are associated with the same poor cranial growth patterns that result in crooked teeth. 

At this course, attendees will learn how myofunctional appliances can be used to treat soft tissue dysfunction, as well as receive advice regarding how myofunctional orthodontics can offer their practice a profitable alternative to traditional orthodontic techniques. 

Attendees will also be presented with information regarding a wide range of Myobrace appliances as well as receive information about profitably managing a clinic solely devoted to myofunctional orthodontic treatment. MRC’s expert presenters offer doctors and their staff a practical and modern approach to diagnosing of poor myofunctional habits and treating the underlying causes of malocclusion. These courses also include case studies, task delegation and workshops explaining and demonstrating various MRC systems and appliances.


  • Malocclusion, TMJ, Sleep-related Breathing Disorders are all symptoms of the same problem

  • Craniofacial Growth & Development

  • Anatomy & Physiology of Breathing

  • Pediatric Health (Breathing, Sleep, Nutrition)

  • Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

  • When to use Arch Expansion, BWS, Myolay

  • Cases Presentations Adults and Children

    • Severity, age, appliance choice, crooked teeth, TMJ, SRBD

  • Breakout Sessions with Patients

    • Patient Screening, Evaluation and Consultation

    • Patient Examination, Airway, Sleep, TMJ

    • Myobrace Activities and Myofunctional Therapy

This 2 day advanced program will focus on diagnosis and case selection
as well as the tools necessary to develop a successful Myobrace program with successful treatment outcomes.

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Course Dates

October 18-19, 2019


Toronto, ON


Dr. John Flutter, BDS. 

Qualified as a dentist in 1971 and has been practicing orthodontics for more than 40 years. In 2007 he opened his practice in Brisbane, AU that focuses treatment on the growing child. His practice is exclusively limited to dentofacial orthopaedics and orthodontic problems of children and adults. Dr. Flutter is the Queensland State President of the Australian Association of Orofacial Orthopaedics and is a Certified Breathing Practitioner. He has lectured on Myofunctional Influences on Facial Growth and the Dentition in 66 different countries in the last 12 years as well as publishing articles in journals throughout the world, including the IAO journal "The Negative Effects of Mouth Breathing".

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