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  3. Our experts with their vast knowledge will assist you in proper patient care and recommended treatment.

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Case Assistance Guidelines

 *Case assistance is available for customers of Vector Diagnostics.
To schedule your consult, please fill out the form above or call (888) 891-6489.

You will be asked to submit the following records by email to:

 Extra Oral Photographs 
1. Frontal 
2. Smile 
3. Profile 
4. Full body posture if available 

Intra Oral Photographs 
1. Frontal 
2. Right and Left Laterals 
3. Upper Occlusal 
4. Lower Occlusal 
5. Mallampati (tongue out) 
6. Pharyngeal walls airway view 

In addition to photos, please include: 
1. Myofunctional Evaluation Form – Summary of Clinical Findings 
2. Age of Patient 
3. Diagnosis 
4. Treatment Plan (Expansion? Myobrace? Brackets? Other?) 
5. Patient History (Health, Airway, Sleep, TMD) 
6. Previous Treatment 
7. Radiographs if taken (pan, ceph, CBCT) 
8. Sleep Study (if available) 

*Vector Diagnostics Inc. provides Case Assistance as a courtesy to our clients and are offering suggestions only. We can assume no responsibility for the techniques used (nor their use and/or misuse) by the participating doctor or staff.